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Announcing a solution to Amazon delivery hassles which could also help your community with social distancing. The Amazon Key for Business, Amazon’s smart fob device, is available to you at no charge. Packages are lost, stolen, and undelivered at the highest rate for properties with access controlled gates and doors. Property Managers waste 10 minutes per package dealing with Amazon deliveries according the Wall Street Journal.

This is How it Works:

Smart Enviros will install the Amazon the Key for Business device FREE OF CHARGE!! No cost to you now or in the future.

  • The Key for Business smart fob seamlessly integrates with your building’s existing access entry system, so your residents’ experience stays the same.
  • On delivery day, Amazon’s delivery drivers use the special Amazon delivery app to request access to the building. Drivers can only access public areas like halls or mail rooms and are tracked in GPS while at your property.
  • The Amazon Cloud validates the driver’s credentials using their ID, route, GPS location and time of request before access is granted. After the cloud validates the driver, then time limited access is granted for delivery.



The Amazon smart fob could support social distancing in your Community by enabling the delivery driver to enter the semi-public spaces at your property without direct contact with your staff or residents.


Drivers would access the building via our patented delivery app, and would not need to touch keypads or fob readers to access.


The “Key for Business” smart fob seamlessly integrates with your building’s existing access entry system, so your residents’ experience stays the same.

Today properties like yours have Amazon’s highest rate of lost, stolen, damaged and undelivered packages.

Announcing a new, free solution to Amazon delivery problems! Smart Enviros and Amazon have partnered to offer you their smart safe solution for residents to get their packages on time and get you out of the package management business.

Benefits of Key for Business

Key for Business is an easier, more efficient way for multi-unit buildings and gated communities to receive Amazon packages

  • Streamlined delivery – Amazon drivers get one-time building access, via the Amazon cloud, and deliver packages without the need to be buzzed in. Building staff spends less time managing deliveries and more time keeping residents happy.
  • Smart and secure – Multi-factor authentication via the Amazon cloud ensures delivery drivers are verified in real time and can only access buildings when delivering Amazon packages.
  • More control – You can manage and track driver access to buildings and communities, set delivery windows, and grant access at select entry points via your existing access control system.
  • Free of charge – The Key for Business device integrates seamlessly with your existing access system. Plus, the device, installation, and maintenance are provided free of charge.

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