Modern smart home automation systems have a central server that controls major systems such as HVAC, lighting, speakers, security systems, sprinklers and internet-connected appliances. An easy-to-use interface such as a touch-screen pad mounted on the wall allows you to operate everything, and a simple app on smart phones, tablets and other computers gives maximum flexibility and access no matter where you are.


Entire home will be wired for interconnected music, video and security.


7” touch panel to control security, intercom, lighting and music.


A smart HVAC system controllable from touch panels and smart devices.


Connect to music, news, weather, and more using only your voice to control your home.


With built in Home Automation utilizing smart home devices, customers can get a home where lights, doorbell camera, outdoor/indoor cameras, locks, thermostats, sprinkler systems and more can be controlled through the security panel, voice or one app on a smart phone-tablet.


Comfort and amenities that were once reserved for the affluent is now available to everyone and becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.


A true Smart Home helps you save money while positively impacting the planet. Replacing only one light bulb with an LED bulb reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton.


Fully functional, guarding all exterior points of entry at main floor and terrace levels.


Exterior security cameras viewable from touchscreen or any smart device.


Capable of tying all of your home electronics into one easy-to-use Home Automation app.


Check or adjust your sprinklers at anytime from home, work or away.

Four Main Reasons to Get Your Home Prewired for Security

  • Reliability: Creates a stable security system for a large home
  • Aesthetics: You will not see the the unsightly wireless sensors on all the doors and windows because with hard wired security systems the security contacts are hidden inside the frames
  • Home Automation Integration: Professional grade hard wired security systems have the capability of being combined with your home’s third party home automation system
  • No Batteries to Replace: Security system will last for many years without the need of battery replacement of all your security components

Reliability: With all the hype about “wireless” these days, many homeowners assume it’s the best option for security. Often people feel it’s the latest in technology. The fact is that higher end hard-wired security systems have far more capabilities than the standard wireless only security systems and most hard wired systems are hybrid so they can communicate with wireless security devices as well.

Aesthetics: One of the best things about building your custom home is that you get to pick out what you like. Sometimes it feels like their are two many options to choose from, but when you move in the home it’s yours and everything around you is custom designed to your tastes or at least your spouses. And often thousands of dollars are spent on custom doors and windows… last thing you need is unsightly wireless sensors mounted on the outside of all your openings. With hard wired security systems, the contacts can be hidden inside all the door and window frames leaving you to admire that beautiful custom door you found from a French Chateau.

Home Automation Integration: Many custom homeowners have a low voltage company installing a cool home automation system through the home. Many of these systems installed have keypads placed throughout the home, media interfaces from TVs and remote apps to control your home from your mobile devices. If this is the case for yourself, make sure you have a device installed with your security system that allows you to connect the two systems together so you can control your security system from your home automation platform. Have your security company talk to your low voltage contractor to ensure a compatible alarm system is installed.

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