Keep Your Connections in the Fast Lane with a Professional Mesh WIFI Network Design

It’s safe to say that a world without internet is hard to imagine. Internet connectivity is a necessity and should be just as reliable as your lights and door locks. But increased activity in the home can put major strain on your network if it isn’t equipped to handle the bandwidth required for data-intensive tasks like video streaming.

Unsure if your current home network design can keep up with your increasingly connected lifestyle in Houston? Our team at Smart Environments can assess your network infrastructure, identify issues, and recommend professional-grade solutions that will provide the right support for your connectivity needs today and tomorrow. Read on to learn more about our mesh networking solutions.

Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots

Winter is here, which means you likely have more family in the house. Plus, with many people still spending more time at home amid the health crisis, you likely have limited space for conducting video meetings and other digital requirements for at-home work and play. That means it’s more important than ever to have a robust wireless signal throughout your property. Dead zones can occur particularly in large properties when your router can’t provide the coverage needed to distribute a strong signal throughout all the rooms in your home.

We can resolve this issue by conducting a site survey to find weak or dead wi-fi zones in your home and then strategically place access points where needed to ensure all your devices can connect to the internet from any location in your house. We can also recommend higher-quality routers, switches, and other network equipment that are specifically designed for greater reliability in expansive smart homes.

Increase Network Speed

Your home network is similar to a highway. Each vehicle on the road is like a piece of data traveling from one device to another. Just like a highway, there can be traffic and gridlock on your network as more connected devices send and receive data. Without a strong home network, traffic will quickly slow and eventually stop completely.

A professional-grade home network can handle higher bandwidth, which opens up more lanes for your device connections. Even better, a professional network installation by our team at Smart Environments ensures proper prioritization of data-heavy traffic to prevent unwanted gridlock and keep your smart home devices in the fast lane.

Your home network will always be a high priority, and we want to make sure issues big or small are solved as fast as possible—even before you notice them. Plus, your data will always remain private so you can work and play confidently knowing you’re protected around the clock.

Learn more about how we can strengthen your home network by filling out our online contact form or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to working with you!

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