Katy Smart Home Security System Keeping You Safe And Secure.

Smart Home Technology in Katy gives you the ability to control your home no matter where you are via a computer or smart mobile device. With this advanced system, you no longer have to worry if you forgot to turn on a light or appliance, as it allows you to power them remotely. You can even set your smart thermostat and lock your doors while away. Take tracking your packages to a whole new level! With our Ring Video doorbell, you can also monitor visitors who arrive at your home and record their activity. Together, Katy Smart Home devices provide you with the security, convenience, and energy management you need.

Smart technology for the best Katy home security

Keeping you connected to what matters to you

Smart Environments in Katy is committed to keeping you connected to the ones you love. We custom design, install and integrate leading smart home technology into a personalized and affordable system that completely automates and controls your whole home environment.

A Smart Environments in Katy Smart Home is fully automated, where lighting, music, climate and security are easily controlled by touch, voice, motion and timing.  We integrate everything into an easy-to-use and affordable system controlled by voice, touch, motion and timing. Whether you’re interested in doorbell installation or completely transforming your home, we’re your local expert.

Partner Brands: Google WiFi Networks – Sonos Audio – Google Nest Security Cameras & Thermostats – Ring Products – Lutron Lighting and Shades –  Yale Door Locks – Alexa, Google and Siri Voice Control – AND MORE!


Smart Environments in Katy Smart Home security features are ALWAYS working and protect the ones you love by proactively monitoring and recording activity.


Comfort and amenities that were once reserved for the affluent is now available to everyone and becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.


A true Smart Home helps you save money while positively impacting the planet. Replacing only one light bulb with an LED bulb reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton.

Katy Smart Locks Secure Your Home And So Much More.

Ease your mind knowing your home is protected, home or away. Automation rules can lock or unlock your doors. Scenes can secure your house at night. Alerts can let you know the door was left unlocked. Notifications let you know when and who unlocked the door. Make your home secure without the hassle.

Katy Door Bell Cameras Take The Surprise Out of Who’s At The Door

See who’s at the door and talk with the visitor from your smart home panel, smart phone or tablet from anywhere. Answer and unlock the door from the kitchen or at the office for the sister in law. Turn on the porch lights when someone approaches your door. See when the package was delivered. Leave the door locked and answer securely!

Be In Control Of Your Climate With A Smart Thermostat, And Save Money!

With a smart thermostat connected to your smart home, you can live in comfort while saving money. With set schedules your thermostat will set temp for bedtime, leaving for the day, returning home or a quick adjustment per scene like good morning. Have settings adjust using geofence or using the app as you return home early on a hot day.

Katy Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier With Added  Security

Let your smart home help you control your lighting. Set automation rules such as front outside lights turn on at sunset to 100%, then dim down to 50% at 11pm till dawn when they turn off. Or have front porch light turn on when doorbell camera detects someone at the door. Smart Environments in Katy can install smart light switches, 3/4-way switches, dimmers, fixtures or help with designing your lighting system.

Katy Smart Home Cameras Are Really Smart.

Smart Home Cameras are Hi-Definition Megapixel cameras that work with your smart home. Get real time notification when motion is detected and with video analytics notifications and recording rules are set for detection of Person, Vehicle or Animal. Set rules to ignore animals for pets in back yard, or set trigger line for front drive way. With smart home cameras you always have an eye on your home no mater where you are.

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