Home Automation

A Smart Home isn’t smart at all if the individual devices are not correctly integrated together to create seamless automated voice control and schedule based operation.

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Home Theater

Have you ever wondered why HDTVs are so affordable now?  Can you actually hear the dialog coming from the speakers? Few things ruin the impact of your viewing experience like the need to constantly ask your loved ones, “What did they say?”

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Home Security

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can look in on your home or business can not be overstated.  Just imagine having the ability to say “Hey, Google, show me the front door camera on the Kitchen TV”.  At Smart Environments we can do that for you!

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Audio Systems

When creating the perfect mood throughout your home, nothing does the job better than on-demand, mobile or voice control access to your family’s entire music collection.  Hear your music as it was intended by having us install an affordable audio system in the rooms you use most.

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Lighting Control

One of the most useful features of a professionally installed Smart Home is voice controlled or automated lighting.  With a single button press or voice phrase, such as “Hey, Google it’s Bedtime” your interior and exterior lights adjust to to exactly the levels you prefer.  Convenience, safety and energy efficiency are just a few of the many benefits of smart lighting control

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Smart Appliances

Manufacturer support for smart home appliances stops after the internal WiFi or Bluetooth board checks good.  Smart Environments to assist you with properly configuring your smart appliances to your home network.  It’s time to actually use those awesome features!

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Remote Controls

A properly programmed universal remote control will provide simplified operation over your collection of confusing home technology boxes. It’s time to ditch that stack of remote controls on your coffee table.

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TV Mounting

Our team of trained professionals are experts in mounting all sizes of flat screen displays in an assortment of residential and business viewing environments.

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Your home network is the digital super highway that makes reliable operation of your streaming devices and the modern Smart Home possible.  Ditch the antique WiFi router you are paying through the nose for and replace it with a robust, mesh WiFi network that blankets every corner of your property with fast,  dependable, stable internet access

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